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MDaemon® Messaging Server can be up and running in under 10 minutes. The Windows-based mail server requires less maintenance than the average mail server and offers the flexibility of remote administration to make email management simple. The mail server offers the flexibility of ActiveSync, IMAP, POP, SMTP, and DomainPOP services and does not require a Server Operating System. It also features an Intuitive, tasked-based GUI, easy account database integration (via Active Directory, LDAP, ODBC, or MDaemon's Minger verification), multiple domain support, and simple back-up and restore for rapid failure recovery.

Powerful Mail List Engine

Create and manage bulletins, discussions, and distribution lists easily to effectively communicate on multiple levels. Custom scheduling and mail queuing allow for more flexible outbound mail management.

Smart Message Routing

When Smart Message Routing is enabled MDaemon will maintain single copies of messages destined for multiple recipients and use multiple RCPT commands to deliver the message whenever possible, thus saving on your disk space and bandwidth.

Attachment Linking

MDaemon's Attachment Linking removes attachments from email messages and stores them locally on the server. In place of the actual attachment, the mail server will insert a URL which the user can click on to retrieve the attachment(s) as needed. This saves bandwidth and storage space on the client machine and especially on mobile devices.

Email Archiving

MDaemon Messaging Server's built-in email message archival capabilities make it easy to safeguard your email messages, while adhering to regulatory compliance.

Instant Messaging

MDaemon includes a closed instant messaging application that provides secure instant messaging (IM) and logging, file sharing, group chat, address book synchronization, and an email notification tray applet to provides quick access to MDaemon's webmail client email features.

Share Domains Across Multiple MDaemon Servers

Domain Sharing allows multiple MDaemon servers to use the same domain name and forward mail between these servers if an incoming message is addressed to a user that exists on one of the other servers. MDaemon will query the other servers listed in the Domain Sharing settings (using the Minger protocol) to verify the recipient's address is a valid user on one of those servers. Once the message is accepted, it is then sent to the correct server via SMTP.

Account Quota Configuration

With account quotas, you can specify the account's maximum number of allowable messages and the maximum amount of disk space that the account can consume. If a mail delivery to the account is attempted which would exceed the maximum messages limit or the maximum disk space allocated then the message is forwarded to the postmaster along with an appropriate warning.

Active Directory Monitoring

MDaemon can monitor Active Directory for account data. All of MDaemon's access to Active Directory is one way - from Active Directory to MDaemon. MDaemon in no way alters the schema files. MDaemon's Account Manager monitors Active Directory, automatically mirroring additions and changes. MDaemon also provides options for handling deleted accounts.

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